The rustic small town of Grindwald, Switzerland can be easily visited when  coming down the Jungfrau mountain by cog train on the way back to Interlaken.

Fondue & Schnitzel our door dining,  as RLC charges cell phone battery from restaurant power & two pole EU electric converter.  RLC does not know why Europe uses the more dangerous 220 volt in wall plugs compared to the 110 volt power in the USA.


Fancy bathroom sink in Grindwald, Swiss Restaurant.


Homemade live animal trap.



The Swiss are  resourceful people.  You can drink the water in Switzerland in any fountain, sink, lake or creek.  We saw where apartment buildings made underground storage for their residents with pyramid glass skylights in the lawns that let light into the underground storage.  The underground storage would not be effected by snow pack and cold temperatures.

It’s all good snow run off with a low population of low pollution Swissards.

Lots of folks, go & climb rocks.  But not Rex, though.



Parasail gliders like to catch the wind “lift” as it blows up the mountains to get a free ride with a view of the Alps.


New boots and ice crampons.  The sharp points grip the ice to the boot.  This creates less butt damage and reduces the chances of sliding off the mountain into oblivion.  Take them off before you walk on your new wood type floor covering because of adverse consequences.


Glossy metal strips keeping the birds out of the goodies.  Another example of Swiss ingenuity.


The building shutters are not just for decoration in Switzerland.  They keep out the snow, ice and other maladies.


Nice building with lots of glass to let the light inside.