20130718_083825 We got up early on Thursday, July 18th 13, and checked out of our room in Bern.  We took a train to Zermatt using our EU Rail Train pass.  We met two nice gals on the way that were bringing three mountain bicycles to Zermatt then to Italy to ride back to Zermatt.  One had a bad road rash on the left knee & leg from a ground impact.  The other cheerful gal was mixing business with pleasure because her job is to go out and sanitize beer dispensing machines that scatter the map and found a way to get in some fun mountain bicycling in the process.

Two very nice Swiss happy Campers, from Bern.


Zermatt even had ski locks and ski lockers in the train station.  I’m not sure how you would actually ski in a train station, though.

              20130718_082705                                20130718_082738

Zermatt is a cute little town and it gets tons & tons of tourists from around the globe who want to see the famous Matterhorn Mountain.  It is no surprise that the Matterhorn that Walt Disney put in his theme parks “DizzyLand” had a mountain called the Matterhorn and trains or rail cars that go inside the mountain like the Jungfrau Mountain.  We did not see Walt Disney when we were in Zermatt.

The following two images are the much anticipated photos I took of the famous Matterhorn.    The Matterhorn is on the right side of the following image.      20130718_083521   And is located in the center of the next picture under the all white fog.  What do you mean you can not even see the Matterhorn in my photo’s?    It’s right there.   Can’t you see through fog?     Yep, the fog blocked out our view.  Oh well. At least I saw it once in Dizzy Land.20130718_083241

So I did the next best thing.  It took the following picture of the Matterhorn,                20130718_084132 from a poster in front of a sporting goods store.  Yep.  No doubt about it.  That is the Matterhorn, by golly.

If you do not like snow boarding or skiing, there are plenty of other fun things you can do.  Like.~ like, ~  like.                                                                                                20130718_083445  Scaring the excrement out of yourself by taking a paragliding lesson.

Or going through an obstacle course high up in the trees that Tarzan would likely also enjoy with his favorite house pet Cheeta and his Juicy babe Jane of the Jungle.                       20130718_083450                                              Tarzan the Monkey Boy & Cheeta now age 74 __07 26 13_JPEG   Oh look!  Tarzan is trying to Yodel like the legendary Swiss Alps Rock & Yodel Singers of folklore fame.                                                                Look Tarzan can Yoddle too 07 26 13 JPEG

I would suggest that Tarzan not quit his day job before he tries to make a living being a famous Swiss Yodeler.

The more modern Yodeling singer looks more like this:

……………………………………….Yodeling Cute Swiss Gal JPEG 07 26 13

Or you could do  some other activity as benign as “shopping”.                                       20130718_083558

The Swiss really like to “toot their own (traditional) Swiss horns” as you can see below. I do not know the correct name for the musical instrument. But, I suspect that the long trumpet-like instrument was designed so that when beginning music students practice their lessons, that they could put the wide end far outside the home window so that only the neighbors (and the long horned mountain goats) are disturbed by the brand new musicians” torturing audible sound pollution.

                            Swiss Tooting their Tourist Horns 07 26 13 JPEG

OK, the over-sized trumpet is really called an “ALPHORN”.   I’m not sure why, but nobody was selling the ALPHORNs in the gift shops that I visited.  I wanted to get one for my car to use it in traffic.  Then could come up behind people at the stop signs, and blow super loud noise right in the drivers side window.  That ought to shake the Be-Jesus right out of them.  I bet they would wake up and start to drive their car properly, aye?

Eliana Burki playing the ALPHORN in Nuremburg, Germany while performing at the Bardentreffen festival in 2009.
It does not get much better than this when it comes to ALPHORN players, M8.       Eliana Burki playing the ALPHORN at the Bardentreffen festival in Nuremberg 2009


Don’t forget to try on your “lederhosen & dirndl” before the upcoming Oktoberfest beer drinking-marathon party,  (just in case it shrunk from last year).    The German/Swiss word “Lederhosen” means “leather pants” in English (for you gringos out there).

Lederhosen & Dirndl JPEG 07 26 13


  1. A full, wide skirt with a tight waistband.
  2. A woman’s dress in the style of Alpine peasant costume, with such a skirt and a close-fitting bodice.
  3. What’s a “bodice” you ask.  Heck, I did not know either.  I had to look it up before you asked me what it was.  I am happy to report that it is…a….bod·ice  /ˈbädis/
  4. a bodice is a Noun
    1. The part of a woman’s dress (excluding sleeves) that is above the waist.
    2. A woman’s vest, esp. a laced vest worn as an outer garment.
    3. Synonyms =  corsage – waist

Nice Dirndl, aye?

Somebody, hose that guy off, would ya? Lederhosen & Dirndl JPEG 07 26 13 # 2

Well, I can tell that things are heating up now.  So It must be none other than “Party Time Now” !!!!   I’d drink to that too, except that that I don’t drink.  So, that makes it “Diet Cola Time Now”,  y’all.      ;=)

Hay, I just realized that the word “alpine” came from the Swiss alps. Gee, it’s really a small world after all.

  (Well, it’s sing along time, right now) (Let’s hear it)…

 It’s a small world after all.

 It’s a small world after all.

 It’s a small world after all.

 (don’t ya just hate it when you get a song stuck in your head? )     :=] . (ooops ).

Next stop is the Glacier Express Train across all of Switzerland.  Many people claim that it is the most scenic train ride on the entire European continent.

I think I can hear it coming through the tunnel right now.   Can you hear it coming too ????                        20130718_084608

And just remember………

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

Yodeling Dicker Frau JPEG 07 26 13


Well I guess this must be the end of this story.

Next time the commentary will be about the Glacier Express Train to St. Moritz in Eastern Switzerland, even though Switzerland is not in the European Union and does not use the “Euro” currency in its official commercial activities.

In other words…..

Nun, ich denke, das muss das Ende dieser Geschichte sein.

Das nächste Mal wird der Kommentar über den Glacier Express nach St. Moritz in Ost-Schweiz zu sein, obwohl die Schweiz nicht in der Europäischen Union und verwendet nicht den Namen “Euro” in seiner offiziellen kommerziellen Aktivitäten.

Ya got that? There will be a test on this material, later. Much later.

Ciao feur nowser.