Zi,   ZURICH, SWITZERLAND [Part 1th] (that’s pronounced “one-th”)

and … the Party Scene at Langstrasse Backpacker International Hostel

We arrived by train to Zurich Switzerland from St. Moritz on the 19th of the month of Juli (zweitausend und dreizehn).  I wanted to see the country of Lichtenstein because of the international financial and trust center activity, but we did not make it there.  Coming into Zurich by train we had a lake on the right side of the train as we approached from the South East.  The lake seemed to never stop.  Later I found out that it is Lake Zurich, it is 22 miles long and the town of Zurich grew up around the upper most tip of the lake.  The lake access in the medium size city is a welcome recreational and scenic bonus to this nice German & English speaking location.

The Zurich Train station is as big as an International Airport.  Its a busy place with lots of tourists and locals.  We found the information office and obtained local maps.  It turned out that we were close enough to our lodging location that we decided just to “mosey on over there” by foot back.  We walked.

wpid-20130719_163706.jpg Smart Europeans put lots of skylights in their train stations and save millions of volts of electricity in the process.

                             wpid-20130719_163103.jpg wpid-20130719_163740.jpg

This voluptuous female figure greeted us [high up] in the Zurich Hauptstrasse ( Das German verd for Train Station)  She is quite a big blue “eye-full”.  Notice I did not say beautiful.  Well, what a “babe” I thought to my self.  Ariel hated the flying statute and would not waste the cost of any “film” in her digital camera taking a picture of this ‘thing’.  But, I did.     wpid-20130719_163640.jpg She might be an angel because of the wings.  But I didn’t think that angels had boobs in that shape or painted design.  It looks like she might have ripped a set of handle bars right off the bicycle she was riding.  I’m sure that she is probably a nice lady, but I couldn’t help but wonder what she likes to do for “entertainment”.

Right outside the train station we saw a building with ‘castle type’ spires on it.  Somehow I think that the circular rooms might waist some of the living space.   wpid-20130719_165110.jpg

And there was a huge bicycle rack that (presumably) the local commuters use going to and from work.  In the USA it would have been a 5 story concrete car garage with polluting beasts stacked up ad nauseam.  (or nauseam added, if you prefer).        :=}


Oh, yeah!!!    [unrelated, distractive side note…]   I just remembered that Ariel just got a brand spankin shinny, new “Mountain Bike” this week and she is so  happy about getting it.  It is the cutest, durable, rugged, feminine designed mountain bike that Trek ever designed.  It is white and it looks really, really, really (did I say really?)  sharp.  By golly.          (17AUG2013)


Ariel's new mountain bike     IMG_41919941293788_resized frm FaceLessBook rlc 08 21 13 Gee.  Look at that Mountain Bicycle “Excitement Machine”.  I’ll bet it is funner that all get up?  Ya think?


We walked to our “party hardy” International hostel.  It was only abut ten to twelve blocks away and we could use our shoe leather as a tourist mobile scenery changing devises.   We was “hoofin-it mann”, enjoying every minute of our stroll and it was a bit warm in the sun.   I had heard that the hostel was in the party area of the City of Zurich, but I had no idea what that meant in this culturally diverse center of the world.

This was the entrance to the multi-story International Hostel.  Our contact information said to “check in at the bar” but I could not find out how to check into this place.  Ariel figured it out, it was a little to rustic for me to decide that was the entrance door.

wpid-20130720_102454.jpg  The guy that checked us into our lodging was very knowledgeable as a lodging checker-inner-person, and as a bar-tender, and a help-the-lost-tourist type of agreeable personality.

At the lodging “check-in counter”.


The gals working at the bar also help with the process of checking into our six person, co-ed dorm room on the third or fourth floor.  (The Zurich-onians count the floors differently that I am accustomed).


This place was SECURE from a “keeping the bad guys out” perspective.  We had a pass key at the bottom floor entrance from just to the left of the red chairs that you see above outside the bar.  Then on our floor, there was a magic electronic pass the key over the magic box type of lock set up.  This go you into the floor that we were staying on which consisted of two six person co-ed dorm rooms and one large common (hang out on the couches) area.  Then our magic key was needed again to get into our six person dorm room which overlooked the street.


20130720_110834 I thought so.     ;~)      Well, I found this ” medieval broom” inside the first of three locked doors, downstairs at the Zurich Hostel.  I thought is was a nice rustic clean up broom.  It might also have possibilities as a “witches’ or warlock” broom around Halloween time of year.  One thing was for sure.  Ariel absolutely hated this dang broom and further detested having to hold it for a dang tourist photo.  She did NOT want any photo nor nuttin’ to do with the medieval broom design.   So, thanks for placating your rustic travel companion and for showing us your most disgusted expression that came with this unpleasant task.

Since a lot of Europe does not use elevators nor air conditioners as many of us (over pampered and babied) Americans do, I was not surprised that the windows actually opened and you could get fresh air from outside. What a concept.  You are not dependent on an expensive HVAC system that sucks electricity like a leaky pipe.

I suspected that something was “up” before we checked into our Hostel when I saw two gals on the street wearing “normal-normana-non-suggestive” cloths were talking to this older gentleman.  I had a hunch that they were selling recreational therapy of the physical contact interactional dimensional type.  It was only a hunch.

We were advised when we checked in the Hostel that there was going to be a band at the bar that evening, which happened to be Friday night.   That was actually an understatement.  Luckily we had earplugs when we were trying to sleep.   In the USA, I am used to bars being closed by 2AM in the morning.  Europeans look at you like you are from another planet when you tell them that the bars close at 2AM.  They immediately wonder how in the heck could anyone enforce such a rule.

The band played on.  We could hear a lot of nice clean cut looking partiers on the street below.  There were lots and lots of people, lots of party noise, lots of cars going back and forth on this two lane bi-directional street.  So, at 4AM I was curious to look outside and see what the party scene was like, because it had not let up all night.

In the USA, I am used to seeing groups of people who appear to be dressed to see who can look the meanest competition, who can look the most ruthless competition, who can look the most ‘bad-ass-er’ competition.  But here in Zurich I did not see any of that.  Most people just looked like folks you would see at any American university with conservative hair cuts, conservative cloths and a bit “preppy-lookin”.  I would not have been afraid of violent assalts against my person if I had chosen to walk around down on Langstrasse street.  But I had not desire to mix-it-up-with-the-mixed-up-crowd is saw down there on the street.  (Langstrasse is the German verd for “long street”).

From my fourth floor perch I noticed one or two women walking alone along the street minding their own business and walked until they were out of sight.  Then to my surprise a few minutes later I saw the same gals coming back from the direction whenst they had just went.  Then by the third pass, I finnaly said duahh, them is street-verking-gals.  I had a hunch that they were selling recreational therapy of the physical contact interactional dimensional type.  It was only a hunch, no, it was more than a hunch.

As I watched, I saw the marketing machinery in action.  I guess it is not illegal to sell recreational therapy of the physical contact interactional dimensional type.  Anyway, it did not look like anyone was hurting anyone else, and they were all consenting adults, even if acting a bit childishly.  I was getting a bit bored so now it was getting to around 4:30 AM or more on Saturday, and I decided to go back into my cozy, six-person, bunk-bed lined private, triple locked lodging location and sleep off the rest of the party night with my ear plugs in my ears.

LANGSTRASSE~ZURICH  20130720_102420 The Langstrasse street with daylight on it.  It looked differently in the early morning than it does at night, when all the party-hardy folks are kicking up “Wooopie…”  and stuff.LANGSTRASSE  ZURICH  20130720_102535

The sleepy-time ear plugs and loud music may have actually been good for my five other co-ed room mates because they got to miss the ‘joys’ of listening to me snoring.  Well, people tell me that I snore, but I have never actually stayed up and waited to see if I actually do snore.  I think sometime I am sleeping and they ‘exaggerate immensely ‘ about my minor propensity to snore, but only when I sleep on my back.  Well, I know, you are likely saying to yourself that “he really didn’t need to go into that much detail” and you would be right.  But what the heck.  I’m not shy nor bashful and I really do not try to limit what I say.  I just think it and boom, out it comes from my mouth (or finger tips in this case).

Well, as a matter of fact I have a lots more to say about Zurich Switzerland and many more pictures to share.  But at this time of night (late for me).  I would rather continue this little dissertation on another day [called Zurich Part 2] because at this particular time I have decided to go ahead an practice my advanced snoring lessons at this very moment.

So, I will be back in a few days with Zurich Part 2, of this continuously soggy story or saga.

Welp it’s time to say “Ciao for now, y’all”.   or depending on your (Baskin-Robins_31_flavor)  language preferences…     it could well be something like…

[.de]  wir sehen uns später,          [.es]   ¡hasta luego ,    [.it] arrivederci  [.fn] nähdään.    [.sw] se dig senare,    [.dn] se dig senere     [.nl] Afscheid voor nu,  [.fr]  à plus tard,    [.nw] ser deg senere,   [.pl] na razie,   [.ir] fheiceann tú níos déanaí    [.ic]  sjáumst sienna,    [.ru] увидимся позже,   [.po] até logo,   [latin] postea videbo vos,