Well, this Saturday Ariel Whooped Rex in the 65 Mile Konocti Challenge Bicycle Race.  She completed 66.6 miles in only 4 hours and 27 minutes.  She averaged 15 miles an hour.  She kept her time on the internet bike tracking system Strata.  She did much faster than last year.  Why you’d almost think that she had been training with the top 5 in the nation UC Davis Women’s {kick ass} Bicycling Team, or somthin.


Ariel still smiling after having to wait two hours for the day-glow-bicycle-peddler
to make it to the finish line.

Now Rex took a little bit longer to complete the race.  The race was completed in 6.6 hours peddling time, 2 hours of accumulated stop time, overall average speed 7.9 mph (including one hour noon break), moving average 10.2 mph.  Rex only fell on his butt one time on the hill by Jego Bay.  My neck mussels were strained so I put my head down for a second to stretch the neck mussels but my front wheel veered to the right and I ended up in the soft dirt.  With a narrow racing bicycle tire slipping in the soft loose dirt and gravel it only took a split second for the bike to fall over to the left and Rex was in the dirt.  What happened?    The same thing that happens every time I fall over on my bicycle, I bounce, get up dust my self off, get back on the bicycle and peddle away before any more race participants can see the doofus on his butt instead of the saddle.  Oh, how embarrassing?  Nah man,  I don’t give a dang.  None of the other cyclists know who I am anyway.

Rex_s Race Time 10 05 13 Clr Lke

The race organizers provided four rest stops with energy drinks, energy food, and a crowd of volunteers & well wishers.  REST STOPS~Lots of Energy Drink, Food & Suporters__Indian Beach Resort Clr Lake 10 05 2013 B . REST STOPS~Lots of Energy Drink, Food & Suporters__Indian Beach Resort Clr Lake 10 05 2013 A . REST STOPS~Lots of Energy Drink, Food & Suporters__Indian Beach Resort Clr Lake 10 05 2013  C

This is what the route map looks like.

Clear Lake Bike Map 65 mI RLC10 05 13 _cropd&arrow_JPEG

Rex on the TrailRex on the road getting hyped up on endorphins.

We got to spend time with cousin Lela.Cousin Lela Lela likes to make nice quilts.  She even gave us some of her home made peach jam.  Can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning to give the peach jam a test drive on a piece of toast.  Rex went out of his way to do special debugging and problem solving on her laptop computer for which, Lela was grateful.  Lela picks out the best unique decorations and accessories for her house to make it warm and cozy.

     And Cousin Darrel.Cousin Darrel

Darrel likes to ride his huge Hardley Dangerous Mutter Cycle [hog] when the weather is nice. He ain’t afraid of workin, or doin a bit of logging or hunting when its the right time to do that sort of thing.  Although he says that pretty soon, be fore very long, in the not to distant future he would like to cut back on his schedule a tad bit.  Why, he can even drive a truck full with tons of grapes on tight turns on the road without even flipping over the truck.

Rex even got to see Darrel’s neat old Stockland Road Machinery Company’s pull behind your truck dirt & driveway leveling machine that was built a long time ago but still works well.


It was a fun week end.  The bicycle race went well.  We had a nice Mexican dinner in MiddleTown before we headed back over the Saint Helena mountain.  And I do not plan on having sore muscles tomorrow.

Well, I don´t have a witness, so I can’t prove it,

but, that’s my story and I’m sticken to it.