rexadventure says:    Well, would you listen to what Harry Sting has to say about it?

November 16, 2013 at 07:22

[…] Tune in for pithy comments, biting analysis, blatant insults with no subtlety decoder ring necessary.  Harry (the name) means to ‘harass’.  It was also my father’s name.   This guy was properly named when he was a newly born Avatar.  I like the sense of humor and insulting analogies.  Refreshingly obnoxious but sophisticated.  Give it a Lookie -Looey.

Episode 23: Obama needs my Facebook Pokes to fight Terrorism! […]

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Episode 25: And the Oscar goes to… European Commission President   Jose’ Manual Barroso
Jose Manuel Borosso EU Commission President 11 16 13 JPEG

  • José Manuel Barroso   Portuguese Politician   [ (Editorial Commentary) RexAdventure thinks that he is doing a good job despite the difficulty of the challenges that face the European Union and the challengers to the EU system that would like to break the EU into twenty-seven little pieces instead of continuing to be a huge super power with over 500 Million citizens. ]