I  was fishing last week in the ocean on a commercial boat off Bodega Bay, California.  I was cutting fish line

 off a hook to use when my knife slipped and the second hook on the line burried itself into the back of my hand.  I thought to myself “you stupid shit, look what you just did”.  The hook went 3/4 of an inch under my skin and the point was below the skin surface.  Hmmm.  I thought if I pull the hook out the same way it went in, the barb on the end of the hook would rip the meat by snagging everything on the way out.  After all the barb was put on the hook to keep it from coming off easily.  

A deck hand on the boat saw my hand and said “eeuu that is a bad one”.  I basically had two choices:  1.  Pull the hook out the way it went in and rip flesh in the process.  or 2. Shove the hook further in my hand until the tip came back out the surface of my skin.   Those were two choices I rather not have to make.  Too bad, you are stuck dude so deal with it.  

I chose the second option.   Push the hook in further.   I braced my arm on the boat rail so my reflexes didn’t cause more damage.  The deck hand took his pliers and grabed the back of the hook.  I looked away and waited for the next step.  With one solid action, the hook was shoved through my skin making a new hole.  I let out one burst of pain yelp.  I could now see the one barb on the hook showing above the surface.  Then the deck hand cut the barb and hook point off with his plyers.  

Now the half a hook had no barbs and was easily backed out the way it went.  I was glad that little adventure was over.  I applied some hydrogen peroxide to my two puncture holes to disinfect the area.

I learned how to get a hook out of your body with the minimum amount of collateral damage.  I hope I never have to use my painful lesson again in the future, but you never know what might happen.  

Now that I was “fixed” ( not in the     veterinarian sense of the word),  I went back to fishing for the rest of the day.  By the way I did catch about seven rock cod so I will get my dosage of omega 3 vitimins next week by eating the fish.  

This is what the bent and cut off barb fish hook looked like after extraction.  I was glad to get that out of my system.

Now, I can hardly wait until my next chance to go fishing.  It is a lot of fun.

Now all I need to do is grow some new skin to fill in the perforations and I will be as good as new.

Now don’t try this at home boys and girls.